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Mary’s Medibles – Rice Krispie Square Triple Strength



140mg THC

3.46mg CBD

3.44mg CBN

Lab Tested Patient Approved
Manufactured in a licensed and inspected facility.

Storage Instructions:
Keep refrigerated, can be froze for up to 1 year.

Rice Krispy Cereal, Marshmallows, Candied Chocolates, Vegetable Oil, Vanilla, Cannabis Indica


Potency and Taste

Mary’s always prioritizes potency without compromising the taste. Our partners put only quality ingredients into every mixing bowl. Special attention was given to the Indica plants. Only the finest strains made it to the extraction process.

In fact, every one of our creations are made with specially formulated hash oil butter that delivers strong psychoactive effects. With regular use, the CBD and the CBD content also restores your health. You’ll barely smell or taste the marijuana, though. Just sweet, chewy goodness.

Discretion of an Edible

With our tasty snack on hand, you can low-key consume cannabis anytime. They look exactly like any other ordinary baked good. There’s no weedy taste or smell. There are no big puffs of smoke or huge glass equipment involved.

 Recommended Dosage and Usage

The effects vary depending on your weight, diet, metabolism and marijuana tolerance.

We recommend trying a small portion of the dough drop (half or a quarter) and gauging how well your body handles the THC. It might take about 30 minutes for the THC to kick in because the active components pass through your digestive system before entering the bloodstream.

The effects may last anywhere from 2 to 6 hours! Obviously depending on how much you’ve eaten and your tolerance.


Strictly keep the treats away from children and pets. They can easily be mistaken for ordinary desserts. Store it in a cool and dry place. To prolong its shelf life, put it in a refrigerator. It will last over 3 months in a fridge, and a YEAR frozen!

So why not treat yourself to a delicious snack, relieve yourself of pain and slip into a deeply relaxed high.